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Geez always fail at that...


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Hi , i feel very good and feel energetic but have really problems.

Each time have we get homework from our german teacher, i fail at it. Everytime.

I have problems with grammar in german or how a sentence is build .

Sometimes my german teacher thinks i dont care about it but thats not true.

I visited the psychologist and he said that  i am really slow with learning and speed generally and that my memories like ram limited and i cant save everything i learned.

We have a test and i am scared that i fail it.

I am only good in english but my english teacher is strange.

Well okay.


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I learned German at school.

You can pass without having any real deep understanding of the language.

Usually, you can memorise set sentences beforehand and just regurgitate them in the test. This works when you're doing speaking or structured writing.


For anything else, you can look at some example sentences and use the structure like a template.

E.g. For a sentence such as 'Ich habe ins Kino gegangen', all you need to remember is 'Ich habe ... gegangen'. And you can use that template to write many things.

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9 hours ago, Nova said:

I forgot to mention, the test is about to characterize a character from a book we have read.

And you've already read the book? Easy.

Just type stuff into Google Translate and remember what it says. You'll know what to write before the test even begins.

Just keep the stuff you type simple. Don't input long sentences or paragraphs else the translation software will make mistakes.

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If tests already have sentences you recognize on them, take pieces out and try and fit them into places you don't know as well. Piece sentences and the words in them together like a puzzle. I recommend doing something like this as a last resort on quizzes and tests since it takes a long time to do but it helps a lot of people that struggle in foreign language classes. 

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