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Ghost in the Shell (2017 Hollywood movie)


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The first trailer for the upcoming live-action Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell is out:

Is anyone looking forward to this? It comes out in theaters March 31.

I'm somewhat skeptical. It looks like its pushing the action aspects of GitS too hard, and GitS was never really about Major trying to find out about her past. Her past did hold some importance in Stand Alone Complex, but it wasn't relevant to the overarching plot, and this looks like its pushing it too much. This adaptation looks too cliche.

Still, it looked like those people against augmentations were religious, and that's kinda cool, as that's taking a bit from the beginning of SAC where there were religious entites referenced that were against having people's ghosts placed inside of prosthetic bodies.

What do you guys think? Anyone going to see this when it comes out?

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