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For people participating in Black Friday...


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Whether you're an employee or shopper, please be safe. I'm just waiting until there's a "Black Friday 2016" video compilation. People still acting like animals during this -_-

And for any shopper who turns into a damn Clicker during Black Friday? Please hit yourself repeatedly in the crotch with a hammer.

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47 minutes ago, DevilishlyHandsome49 said:

Honestly? No

You're so repressed.

We all know that a thicc zombie with a poppin' rack would send all the boys to the yard.

Ladies could have their special zombie husbandos with lantern jaws, broad shoulders, and deep eyes. They won't even mind the decaying hyper cock because they'll know deep inside that their zomboyfriend will always be a rough-around-the-edges rebel with a heart of gold.

It ain't necrophilia if they're still moving. And even if it is necrophilia... fuck you! Check your privilege, you literal (not figurative) kinkshamer.

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