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Open for Character Commissions!


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I have 5 slots open right now for commissions! message me on here or furaffinity to claim one (or email at forestfirenumber21@gmail.com)

my schedule is a bit erratic because of school but nothing should take more than 2 weeks to complete and it shouldn't take more than a day or two for me to reply to any messages

I accept payment through paypal!

Prices (USD)

  • $6 for an icon or headshot - full color and basic shading, solid colors for background (up to you)
  • $11 for a full body character sketch - black & white
  • $13 for a full body character sketch - flat colors
  • $20 for a full body detailed character - color & shading

2 flat color characters will be $20 and $6 for any additional character after that
full color with shading/more detailed is 2 characters for $30, $8 for additional characters

Examples below!


Terms of Service

  • I require payment before I start working
  • Please provide a reference picture or written description, both is great! the more the better
  • I will provide a WIP sketch/sketches for approval before completing piece
  • 1 round of corrections to a finished piece are free, so long as nothing super major (this is what sketch approval is for)
  • refunds available if piece is not started or is at sketch stage
  • you may reupload the piece if you include credit 
  • please specify dimensions if this matters to you

I will draw most anything except extreme fetishes, but feel free to ask. Gore/nudity/general wackiness is all fine. I can do anthros, ferals, monsters, humans, all manner of body types, pokemon, fantasy creatures, robots, bugs, birds, dinosaurs ect. ect.

My own style tends toward sort of ""cartoony realism"", so specify if you want something else and I'll let you know what I can do. Nudity will be done non-sexualized unless you say otherwise. 

pose is up to you, multiple characters can be interacting/falling/casting spells/ect but I don't really do backgrounds. including small objects like a burrito or guitar or something is fine


Examples! Take a look at my furaffinity page for more

high resolutions- http://i.imgur.com/3tCZrSy.jpg


woot woot!

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