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I've been a voraphile who doesn't like much of the vore community for many years now. But this is really crossing a line.

So there was this person who fell into a fairly small of people who are borderline voraphiles in the sense of being kinda interested in vore stuff, but not in an erotic way.

This is important, because one of these people, being fairly young, did not know that generally speaking, its a sexual thing.

I mentioned to this person that it was perturbing they were underage and putting themself in fetish art. Turns out they weren't aware it was a fetish.

Know why I don't care for many voraphiles? Because, well, a fair amount of them are pedophile supporters or actual pedophiles.

But some voraphiles get so butthurt if you even insinuate that vore is 1: a fetish, or 2: even mildly abnormal. See what happens when you spread lies just to "stop people getting offended"? This could've led to this person seeking out and doing roleplay with voraphiles, potentially the ones who are also pedophiles, which would almost certainly lead to them being groomed, etc.

On the upside, this person -


- seems a lot more apprehensive and will hopefully keep their distance.

Because I'm not the most tactful of people, could someone else warn this person about the pedos? Or, given their apprehension, is it necessary to warn them?

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Now I wouldn't really advise posting their username/account publically. They may not appreciate that.

That being said, I can see why you put their username if you would like someone to help. But still, linking someone directly is something that many think is kinda crossing the line. But for their own safety? Yea warn them, but I'd warn them personally.

Also, I can see why the voraphiles would get kinda upset, because when you tell people that something they like isn't normal, a fair few get upset. There'll be some that will take the criticism/whatever you call it with good grace, but these are furries we're talking about here.


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