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What new things have you learned from friends/companions?



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  1. 1. Things youve learned from friends

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So the best thing about talking to or meeting people is learning about new and cool things.


I've had a lot of phases or inspirations over the years picked up on by peers. Its countless and I'd have to think more deeply to get a more accurate summary,



But things like homestuck and tumblr Ive gotten from high school friends. 

A band called Atreyu (mainly the song "when two are one") , I discovered from an old companion on a comic community, Maxim Wolf.

I learned Ice Nine Kills from a new friend, and Im learning a bit more about MTG even though I still probably woulsnt be able to play for shit



Vice versa, have you ever taught anyone something that they learned about and loved since?

I learned about the game Talisman and transferred that...

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When I was in 8th grade I did Science Olympiad because I wanted to hang out with my smart friends who were always doing extracurricular activities. I learned all kinds of stuff about light and stars and physics and rocks and cool sciency stuff. Hell, I even got a medal at States for Storm the Castle, an event where each school's team would build and tune a trebuchet for competition. 

As for media, probably Minecraft and the rock band Nirvana. Ah, middle school.

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Different things. The obvious ones such as books, games, movies and music. Half of the things in my collections I found through my friends.  Having friends is a good way to get exposure to new things you might not have even known about. Broadened political and social perspectives just from hearing about other people's experiences and learning from them. 

Then there's the not so obvious things, making friends teaches you how to talk to people. It teaches you, in a way, how to have feelings. I didn't know just how angry I could get at someone until a close friend upset me and I had to experience anger on a very personal level, I also didn't realize that you can be absolutely furious with someone today and love them like nothing ever happened tomorrow. You learn how to find patterns and in a sense, integrate yourself into those patterns and become part of a flow. Your closest friend is about to say something and you know him so well you can finish his sentence and at this point he's not even surprised because this has become the natural way of things. I learned that even when things are at their worst  I could keep going, even if I used to think I couldn't. Through the friends that end up being toxic and harmful I learned that one can survive betrayal, heartbreak and even physical injuries. The things I thought would be the end of the world if they happened to me weren't as insurmountable as I thought. I learned the value of strong bonds. And as I learned how to love others,  I slowly learn how to be loved. 

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My friends taught me the beauty of metal and all the wonderful variety that exists in it. They've also taught me it's okay to make mistakes and not be perfect and to put my mental health and stability before some of the priorities I had before hand. To this day I consider them family.

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