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Tablet Monitor Thingy


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I managed to score myself one of those monitors you draw on (like a Cintiq).  I got it set up as an extended screen, and I even have it responding to the pen now.  Thing is, when I hover the pen over the drawing monitor, it mirrors the movements on the opposite (normal) monitor, defeating its own purpose.  Now, I can just double the display on both monitors to draw -on- the monitor, but that doesn't get me any more screen real estate, and I was really hoping I could have two different displays to make streaming easier.

If it helps, THIS is the thing I got.

I tried Google'ing the problem, but I simply didn't know what to type into the search.  Anything I did brought up ads and shopping for monitors, android tablets, and traditional wacoms.  Can anyone offer any advice?

EDIT:  This is a really hard problem to describe, so if it makes it any more succinct:  I touch the pen to the touch monitor, and the mouse appears on the other monitor.  I've tried mucking around in the settings, but the only way to set a monitor as the one the pen cursor shows up on is to... tap it with the pen cursor.

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