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A sad thread


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Hey Y'all

So I've been studying and a song came up. It's a beautiful song but it's extremely sad and has brought up a few raw emotions from the past (like 10 years ago past) and I don't know. I just wanted to post about it. I'd briefly mentioned it in the things I hate thread. 

"I hate me because I drove a friend, another boy who loved me, to nearly killing himself when we were 13 because I couldn't accept my sexuality and I took it out on him. I never got to say sorry since he moved away to Savannah and ended up dying in a car wreck four years ago. I'd never had the ability to contact him all those years despite my efforts. I only found out because a mutual friend reached out and told me, though it was with the statement that it was believed I didn't deserve to know, but she told me anyway because he would've wanted it."

It's just getting me down at the moment. If anybody is up to talk, hit me up. I've forgiven myself at this point, but things like this always dredge back up the guilt and lingering feelings I never got to confess.


Anyway here is the song.


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