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Easter Eggs, Trivia, and Our Favorite Secrets


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Been a moment since I posted something here, but I saw something that made me want to make this topic because I love little secrets and clever nods in games.

I was watching a playthrough of that old game Snatcher. Had never seen it before, but among some other references in the game, I noticed a fairly large one I don't think many people caught (for good reason, few people played the other game I'm gonna mention).

Metal Gear Mk 2 is your partner in Snatcher which is already a little gag in itself, obviously. I love how he's really accurate the the original 80's MSX/NES Metal Gear shape, just small and nerdy.

But here we have Gradius ReBirth's Gaudie AI character from 2008.

You'll notice the Wii on the side as well. 

I also remember when I stumbled down a random pipe in Borderlands one day...


Share some of yours!

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Borderlands 2 has soooooooo many easter eggs. There's one for Lord of the Rings... On True Vault Hunter Mode or above you can find a metal gear in the fireplace at Windshear Waste; if you run the whole way to the top of the volcano in Eridium Blight, going across the maps without using Fast Travel or vehicles, an enemy named Geary will come up to you, hit you once or twice, then jump into the volcano and three huge rakk will swoop down to drop weapons chests near you.

There's a Dark Souls easter egg down in the Caustic Caverns, a lone island with a small tree in the middle of an acid lake. On it is an NPC named Solitaire and a campfire that flickers on and off, with white spectres that flicker in and out of reality around it. Talk to Solitaire and he'll just laugh at you.

I'm currently farming another easter egg in the Caustic Caverns, a Minecraft easter egg at the very top edge of the map, in the Guardian Ruins area. There's a hidden spot where the rocks are suspiciously regular, and in a niche behind them are Minecraft dirt blocks. Break them with melee attacks and they lead to a cave containing 6 creepers and 1, rarely 2 enormous badass creepers. They drop Minecraft-style heads and skins for the player characters, and the badass creepers can drop the Blockhead shotgun, which fires in a 3x3 crafting grid pattern, or the Longbow sniper rifle, which shoots Minecraft arrows. I'm farming for the Longbow.

There's a bullymong named King Mong that spawns sometimes in Eridium Blight, and another, rarer one called Donkey Mong, that wears a tie and throws explosive barrels at you.

In the Highlands, there's a spot where you can drop down to view a double rainbow and get some odd commentary from either Claptrap or Handsome Jack... Not sure what that easter egg refers to, but I know it is one.

The Pirate's Booty DLC has a BioShock Easter egg... An enemy called Mr Bubbles and a midget called Li'l Sis. The Tiny Tina's Dragon Keep DLC has a Game of Thrones easter egg side mission.

I've heard the weapon called Thre Dog, dropped by one of the assassins in the Southpaw Steam and Power or in Digistruct Peak might be a Fallout 3 reference, but I haven't played that game so I dunno.

xD And of course the four mutants Tannis sends you to kill in the Bloodshot Stronghold are a TMNT easter egg.

There are many more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head at the moment.

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