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55 minutes ago, LazerMaster5 said:

I kicked ass in my welding courses. Now I just have to learn stick and pipe welding and take the certification courses and I will be ready to get a real job. I am totally stoked.

Congrats dude!! I wish you the absolute best on getting certified!!

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So I got my Radiation Detection final back. The class average was a 54 and I got a 55. This means I had a 73.9 in the class with the cutoff for a B being a 76. So I emailed my professor back and forth.

I need to mention that we had a lap practical that was out of 120 points. I'd gotten the average of 95 points. We had been told that the average would be out of 100 points and the 20 would be buffer points but because she was feeling we did well enough she kept it out of 120. I did a calculation and determined that if we'd made it out of 100 I'd have a 77 in the class and have the B I need. So I talked over groupme and started saying we'd get an email going to change this. Right about the time I started to get things moving my professor emails me back and essentially states the following.

I'll give you a B but when you return from the winter holidays me and the two TA's will give you an oral examination similar to what was on the final. I'm only going to offer you this and only because you did exceptionally well on your lab reports and lab final.

I accepted the offer obviously and quickly abandoned my attempt to change the lab practical. Maybe this makes me a horrible classmate and I do feel bad about it, but I've come to determine that with grades in college at least, it's a bit more of a competition than we'd like to admit. So



Sorry guys, but I need a good GPA.

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Congratulations on finishing your finals.

I just submitted my final paper, on the continued resistance of the Chinese in the Second Sino-Japanese War, for my last class of the semester, so I am finally done too.


Just have to show up for class and eat pizza tomorrow...

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