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Old School Japanese Electronic Music


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I think my favorite music is the sort of stuff I used to hear in early-mid 2000's media influenced by or made in Japan. I used to hear this kind of thing on G4 TechTV, Toonami, and old MTV a lot and I have a very passionate nostalgia for it. I can't quite explain what it is about this sound, but there was a very distinct youthful energy to it. It reminds me of everything I loved and got excited about entertainment when I was 8-14. Used to hear some of this in game/music stores like FYE, Suncoast, and EB Games back when those were around. Provided a great atmosphere while I browsed matching content finding things that were a novelty to me then.
If you can give me anything like the following (Japan in origin or not), I would be very grateful. I don't care who made it, where it's from, or the time it was made. The sound is all that matters to me.

I've been looking into Konami's Beatmania series for a lot of this stuff, but it's a lot to sift through and the artists are very obscure. And some songs are just seemingly out of my reach like those on the old Nanosweep compilations. Artists like Hosoe Shinji, Bermei Inazawa, Ayako Saso, Yasuhisa Watanabe, and many that did songs for Ridge Racer.

This music makes me very happy and frequently lifts me out of low emotional points. As corny as this sounds, I feel like I'm tailing just behind my child self, very closely reliving fond memories when stuff like this plays.

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