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I'm Cooper!


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I'm cooper. I enjoy loud music, bright lights, and grime. There's something magical about 2am, corrugated steel, and flamethrowers. Born and raised in rave culture, I fall asleep to the sweet melodies of Excision. I always mean what I say, I'm just waiting for someone to call me on my dares. 

Talk to me about mischief, science, or music and we won't run out of things to say <3

See you around >:)

My good pal @MuttButt brought me here. He's verified good people.

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welcome to to my favorite cancerous cesspool of furfaggotry friendo

Let me know if you wanna join the discord group, that the place to be if you actually wanna interact with and get to know most of the people I'm friends with from here~

posting on the forums is entertaining too though, I think I'll start popping in more often :3

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9 minutes ago, Cooper said:

I do want to join discord. Looking to talk to peeps tonight while I wait for the sun to come up 

yeow, you just gonna pull an all nighter then instead of catching a few hours of sleep for work? I've been there. I can spot you some addy or something if that helps o3o

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