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19 minutes ago, TinyDancer said:

I do tumbling and for some reason, even if someone does a really shitty, really clumsy back handspring, people in the fandom seem amazed at it? IDK. Looks like I have at least one advantage

It took me a second there to deduce you didn't mean a tumblr blog.

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Ugh, dancing is something I really wish I could get into. I really need to look up clubs and classes in my city or something! Or at least get myself Just Dance and a set of headphones. Such a good way to kill time.

Plus: How's your art like? Always like to see folks' stuff.

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New users and posting restrictions are explained here:

This is a primarily adult forum, so we don't really give a shit about people cursing.
Just make sure you don't post anything explicit or NSFW (without adult section access) since most of the forum is PG-13.

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Hello new person! As one who also wants to dance (B-boy/Hip-Hop/Freestyle/Ballroom dancer) at Anthrocon in the Fursuit dance-off, I welcome you with open arms!

You seem like you'll fit in wonderfully here. You should post in the Forum Games. It's a good ice breaker and we can get a feel for you and your humor.

Enjoy your stay!


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Hey there, and welcome! Guess I'm a bit late, but nice to have you along. Also, you have a very curious fursona; I don't see many pine martins. I'm a big fan of fursonas based on what I call small/med, woodland critters, having grown up in northern Michigan: Badgers, weasels, skunks, racoons, martins, beavers, foxes, rabbits, squirrels. My main fursona is oddly enough a striped skunk....but I spend a good ammount of time as a Fossa; it's almost like a vacation, and after seeing a few documentaries, I became fascinated by them. 

Hope ya have fun here,

~Fossa (Simo)

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