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First days of class/how was winter break?


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Hey y'all!

So how were your first days of classes or how was your winter break?

I managed to relax a good bit over mine, though honestly I should have done more. I got to go up to Montreat for a college conference retreat for my church. TLDR: racism/homophobia/Islamophobia is a massive issue in the US, don't do things to make it worse, try to correct your thinking on it, help stop it if you see it happening, PRAIZ JEBUS!! Also I got a new pair of awesome sunglasses that are literally about as if not lighter than a pencil. I love them.

As for classes so far, they've gone well. I've only had three of five so far, so we'll see how the other two are tomorrow. However the three I had today seem like they'll be good classes. My material's science teacher's first words out of his mouth were "I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get an A."

Never have I heard a more beautiful string of words placed together in a single sentence in my entire college career.

Anyway y'all just wanted to get back into the swing of things! I look forward to seeing y'all around!


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9 hours ago, Zerig said:

it may be against the rules

but it's also true

sometimes these are the sacrifices we must make

I don't want to deviate off topic, but, Islamophobia makes as much sense putting on your shoes and then your socks. It doesn't. It stems from a lack of understanding of the pillars of the Quran (which is a fantastic read if you ever get the chance) and from an arrogant assumption that Islam=terrorism.

As a famous quote from Morgan Freeman goes (though it wasn't actually from him, just attributed to him, though I'm sure he'd agree), though it was about homophobia I believe it's just as accurate for this particular situation

"It's not a phobia. You are not scared; you are an asshole."

-Morgan Freeman (sort of)


That is all.



19 hours ago, Jtrekkie said:

Just started my break a couple days ago, aced the exams and everything. Looking forward to the time off, but already I don't know what to do with myself.

Montreal sounds nice, though.

Montreal would've been nice, but no it was Montreat North Carolina.  It's near black mountain. It's a beautiful place.

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<mod post>
This is your last warning to get this back on topic. Continuing to disregard this warning will result in points, because I've already outlined that it's against the rules.

If you want a soapbox to preach on, this is not it.
Find a place that's more appropriate.
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20 hours ago, Zerig said:

I still have 2 weeks of break left

also Islamophobia is just common sense


9 hours ago, Zerig said:

it may be against the rules

but it's also true

sometimes these are the sacrifices we must make


21 minutes ago, Zerig said:

hey i worked hard on that post, I even fact checked

you can't just delete it

i demand compensation

Absolute madman

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So I got to go to my other two classes today.

The first one was reactor physics, and it was interesting because the professor said something about being French (or so I thought I heard). However his accent sounded really wrong. So I said something in French, he asked me to repeat it, and then I said it again and he was like "Oh, I don't speak French. I do speak Russian and Hebrew." Turns out he is Russian, which I should've known based on the accent, but I guess I ignored all the things that tipped me off to it. I actually talked to him about possibly doing research on his team later this semester for the subjects he's looking into.

My next class was International Ethics and that was fairly interesting because it turns out the teacher grew up in communist Romania and has a disdain for communism and Russians.

Also I got back the proofs for my paper that I'm co-authoring and is being published with Wiley press.

So so far everything seems to be going quite well. I even managed to run and grab a tea from the food court seven minutes before closing. And it was the last one. I was quite happy.

All in all I think that this will be a very interesting semester (and hopefully good) semester.

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