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There's a fair chance I might become an uncle in a few years, given the way things are going with my older sibling's new SO. I'd like to become a father myself someday, but 'eccentric uncle' would be a nice consolation prize. 

Nova, you should buy a mansion and make it nice and haunted so you can force them to spend the night in it in order to earn an inheritance.

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Congrats! Now you have to buy more gifts for holidays and birthdays.

Being an uncle can be fun, but my situation isn't typical. I became an uncle at 10. As I'm the youngest in my family, I'm actually closer in age to some of my nieces and nephews than to my own siblings. To make matters more confusing, of my nephews just had a child. That makes me a grand-uncle or a great-uncle. Opinions vary on which term to use, but if I ever have kids they will be younger than at least one of their cousin's children.

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