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Toshabi's Sketchbook


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12 hours ago, SirRob said:

UPLOAD ON DA OR FA YOU $&%&z$**^%%^$#^!#$&



12 hours ago, Imperial Impact said:

Yeah OP, SirRob needs his daily pokemon porn.

Well since you asked so nicely. 





seemingly nonsuggestive art.jpg



"You're the one who's fucking ignorant."

- PheagleAdler, May 27, 2016

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I think you're using a 'hair texture' brush there?

In my view your images in which you don't use the textured brushes are better, like this one:

seemingly nonsuggestive art.jpg

Because I think your cartoony style works well with strong edges, which are broken up when you use a hair brush.


What do you think?

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Personally, I kinda dig the latest one more, granted I know where a few faults are (that I aim to keep in mind for the next project). As for the previous one, its harder to compare because them crocs have scales and mienfoo have fuzz. I really wanted to try out lineless for a change. The last two I've done are lineless. I need more practice with it and I am super aware of steps I'll need to take to make it look better, but atm, its hard to compare the two cause they are different styles.


I will say, with lines, it'll look better cause I have more experience with that one. Thats the toshabi double penny perspective.

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Hello Toshabi,

Glad to see you try your hand at painting.

I think you're getting part of the concepts with reflective re missing what makes coloring more interesting.

That would be shifting your hues when you do highlights or shadows.

This video popped up the other day and covered exactly what I was thinking of when I saw your work.


Hopefully you'll find it useful, because I did as well when I remind myself of the mistakes I make often when I draw or paint.



there was also a neat little sheet on DA that let you practice with some drawings on color shifting.


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