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Childhood things you never grew out of...and some you did?


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Just curious,



I have a lot of them myself since you never outgrow them, I cant think of very many that I did.


...I guess the only phase I outgrew was the shitty supernatural YA novels, but only the shitty ones.


As for childhood I did end up outgrowing my like of Fig newtons for some reason. Dont know why.

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My music taste has changed drastically

I went from metal to rap, then to loud electronic shit, then to.. Indie. Then to even chiller Indie. I don't really know how. But I've settled

And I've been letting my music tastes influence my choice in fashion

After my exam week is over, I'm gonna join the RocSoc at my uni and start meeting cool people who like what I like

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Well, when I was a kid (I was around 8 or 9), I got my first ever Rayman game, and I developed a crush on him instantly. Definitely something I thought I'd outgrow.

Even to this day, I look at Rayman, and I just want to bang him, over and over and over.

In fact, I'll extend this to generally "having obsessive crushes on/falling in love with fictional characters".

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3 things that would stand out would be digimon, starcraft and doom. Occasionally I go back to these things to 're-experience' them and bring back memories and the fondness for them.

Everything else morphed into other interests, dunno how only those stood the test of time for me. R.I.P giant wallpaper of Halo :V


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I grew out of basic wooden building blocks, k'nex sometime after it disappeared in the mid 2000s (after big fancy sets that you could build into things like a phoenix , chimera  and a few clan mechs from a mechwarrior thing at the time) before coming back.

I also stopped doing IT when I found I couldn't code well and got sick of family calling me to fix tech  problems I didn't know how to. 

My music taste changed from generic pop to various 60s 70s and 80s stuff reletivly recently.


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Grew out of:

-anime/weeb phase

-weird obsession with guys who look like girls phase

-punk music

-dislike for tomatos

-ultra mega sweet tooth

-acting like an animal in public

-being christian

-being judgmental of all the typical silly christian things like gays and girls who wear thongs

-feeling extremely guilty over every little thing, including unintentional things no one else noticed

-trying to be a smarty mcsmartpants and regurgitating useless information (sometimes wrong information because i never double checked stuff) at every opportunity, especially about animals


Never grew out of:


-learning about random things for fun

-interest in the english language

-enjoying the "goth" look

-loving animals

-drinking vinegar

-drawing and writing

-preferring outside time over things like tv and video games


-love of taxidermy

-my dumb sense of humor (i.e. puns, dead baby jokes, and spongebob quotes)

-loving halloween and scary stuff


Stuff I grew out of but then grew back into:

-pop music



-interest in magic or spirituality

-wanting a career involving some kind of art

-wanting to visit australia

-wanting a small house by the woods

-wanting kids

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1 hour ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

Heelys...which I figuratively havent grown out of but literally have


Honestly I really liked heelys as a kid and wish it wasnt weird to use them in adulthood, I would rebuy them in my soze :[

I'd like to see adults wearing those. Then again, I ride a kick scooter at work so I'm admittedly weird.

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I never grew up.

But in all seriousness, I grew out of:

Star Wars, Halo, being an asshole teen, being a selfish child. That sorta thing

I never grew out of my fixation for cleaning myself. I still shower far too often, although I don't wash my hands as much anymore.

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I didn't outgrow animated movies or TV shows. So long as they're watchable and not overly kiddie crap. I also never outgrew junk food. Never lost my sweet tooth but being an adult has made having to be responsible about it somewhat less fun.

I have outgrown video games for the most part. But that's mostly because I have picked up numerous more creative hobbies and simply don't have the time to sit through video games anymore. I still make time for some old favourites like KH or Dust when I'm feeling nostalgic. Nothing PS3 era or onward though, really.


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I've grown out of a dozen silly things, habits like taking people for granted (I hope I really have) and acting too quickly on an impulse. I have retained, I think, a little of the childlike sort of naive optimism we start out with but too many lose. I still like to hoard my books, and I have a little teddy bear my uncle gave to me.

I think that whatever things really are good for children aren't worth growing out of.

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On 1/24/2017 at 11:36 PM, Shill Sham said:

I've grown out of LEGOs and playing pretend soldier also known as airsoft.  Though on the other hand I'm a grown man who has kept and cherishes his stuffed animals.  I confuse myself at times.

Sometimes, even as an adult I wish I never sold my set of LEGOS away. It had a pretty nice collection and building things with LEGOS has always been fun 

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Some stuff I used to like I just don't or can't put money into or find anyone to enjoy it with. Like Nerf blasters. Have you seen how fucking COOL those things are getting? Look up the Nerf Rivals line or the Nerf Mastodon. Badass. But...who am I gonna shoot? Legos are expensive. And Yugioh cards are expensive (fuck Dimension Barrier is $80...) so I just use YGOPro. And I largely grew out of anime. Watched it a lot growing up and went to anime cons, but I can't stand it anymore. Usually anyway. 

I don't think I outgrew plushies. I never will.

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