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Freedom Planet 2


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Freedom Planet was a sidescroller/platformer influenced by many of the games of yesteryear, most obviously Sonic the Hedgehog. It featured 3 playable characters and was about these characters quest to take down a big baddie alien named Brevon who threatened to take the world's energy. It was a pretty great game in my opinion, and sometime late last year, it got announced to have a sequel.

Over the past few weeks its received a number of gameplay trailers showcasing new gameplay improvements and changes happening with the sequel, including the introduction of a fourth playable character as well as the ability to block attacks rather than requiring the player to either dodge or utilize i-frames like the previous game did.

Gameplay trailers in the spoiler:











In addition to these changes, the pixelart was also significantly improved (top is the first game, while bottom is the sequel):

freedom planet sprite comparison.png

I think the game is looking to be great, taking an already fantastic game and improving upon it. Regardless, a demo was finally released today to play the game which people can try out if they so desire:


Anyone try it yet? Anyone looking forward to this sequel? Thoughts on the gameplay? The full game is supposed to come out sometime mid this year.

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