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Art Style Changes that Worked/Didn't Work


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The boy, BreakerPangolin, has been rating incarnations of video game characters for fun and this one resonated with me so hard. I remember when Metal Slug was varying flavors of quirky and goofy looking and then for some reason made this uncharacteristic shift. 


These are military themed games where you turn into zombies and vomit sweeping projectile blood, eat donuts to get morbidly obese for larger shots, and fight the wackiest things on Earth. I don't get where it fits to make her look like she just jumped out of a bad Korean phone MMORPG. The designs aren't bad. She's certainly cute and sexy. But save it for a different game. Another one he had was when Rocket Knight went from cute and simple to this really generic overly detailed piece of crap in his mediocre reboot on XBLA.

Like really, what the fuck IS this?


And it got me thinking. A lot of games have done that to varying success.
I think we all remember the outcry when Wind Waker went from the very serious look of OoT/MM to an extremely drastically toony and expressive style. But people grew to love it because there was a lot of function in the style change mainly being a far more expressive protagonist (or rather his expressions being far more noticeable). Made Link a much more fun and lovable character to connect with for most people. I sure loved him as much I prefer serious Zelda. 

I think with most people it's not always "this is ugly", but rather, it doesn't fit the IP. It'd be like chibi Cowboy Bebop...or chibi Metroid Prime. But I find the topic interesting since really it is largely subjective as different people see different things in visuals.

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