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Warhammer, 40k and such


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So, not exactly furry related, but something I've been doing much longer and am arguably better at, is painting minis for wargames. I don't often venture outside Games Workshop products so if I keep up with this thread that's mostly what I'll be putting here. I don't intend to spam this thread with everything I paint, just the few that I like more than the rest or the ones where I try a new technique that turns out good.

To open, I started a collection of Tau recently. Here's the first guy, the Commander.




The updated Battlesuit kit is amazing, and the newer Commander model is even more so. Thing stands much taller than the old version, he's almost taller than a Hive Tyrant model (if you know how big that is, if not, well it's pretty big) and makes for a far more impressive leader to the rest of the suits.

I wandered away from this hobby for a while, but since I have the time and interest back I'll be doing it again more regularly. :D

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Looks like a nice paint job.

I'm not a Warhammer person myself, but I've always felt the design of the Tau mechs was nice but completely opposed to the design ethic of all the rest of GW's lines. They really, really don't fit in with orks and space marines. They're clearly there to appeal to a demographic rather than being a coherent part of the system.

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5 hours ago, Faust said:

They're clearly there to appeal to a demographic rather than being a coherent part of the system.

This is true, but it's also true of half the other factions as well. Tyranids are just a clone of the alien swarm and up until the huge revamp a few years back, necrons were just based off the Terminator franchise theme and imagery. Nobody ever tried to claim that 40k was completely original, but I think they have successfully managed to adapt each trope to fit well enough in their setting.

Lorewise the Tau, on the surface at least, are a small bastion of hope and progress in a setting rife with stagnation and decline. I believe their more futuristic design reflects that. But look deeper than the surface and they are hiding their own shadows as much as any other faction.

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