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Taking commissions to help out a friend!

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my friend needs some money...badly! she is down to 3 euro a day and can't eat every day. I am taking commissions to help her out!


commission sheet phoenix edit.png

I am willing to draw a lot of things excluding:
-explicit nudity
-sexual themes
-fetish art

but Cal, i want something else that you didn't show!
- message me and we can discus what you want and what I can do

but Cal, your ----- goed over my budget!
- message me and maybe we can find a way that works for us both.

But Cal, where do i pay?
- you will pay to my friend, message me and i'll link you to her details.

but Cal, will you be making any profit?
- no. all money goes directly to my friend.

but Cal, you;re not a good enough artist to be charging us for your drawings.
-i know but a friend in need is more important.



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Could you possibly increase the price on your last item? The minimum amount required for the Black Market is $5 USD for all transactions and currently they're $3.17 USD

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Additionally, the "flat" example for trad headshots is missing.

You should have clear examples for all things you're charging for.

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