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Back in Black


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Guess who's back?  I figured I'd come back onto here see how things have changed, get a bit more active in the community in general ^^

... I'd imagine I'm unkown to most of you by now though .. >w<


So er.. what's new?

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Just now, KookyFox said:

Yeah I've been away for a very long time, I signed up on these forums on day one though ^^'

Ah, so one of the original members.

Hi 😁

I stumbled to this forum about three months after its foundation by accident. I don't know many OG members but the ones who decided to stay

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1 minute ago, Fossa-Boy said:

Hi there, don't remember you, as I joined a lot later than the dawning of the age of Aquarius, but welcome back, and hope ya have fun!

What about you makes you such a kooky fox? Curious furs and Fossas wanna know!

It only takes a short chat with me, or a quick glance at me to see why I'm so kooky

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