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RIP Hank (2010-2017)


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I debated on posting here, but I feel like some people here also cared about Hank's well being and deserve to know what happened. 

I had to put Hank down yesterday. I feel I failed as a dog owner, he bit my mother's dog in the eye and she has to have it removed today. This is the third dog he's bitten, and I felt I could not control his aggressive tendencies.

He and Patches ate on the same plate sometimes, Patches is a chihuahua with an underbite and would even bully Hank off food. I knew Hank had issues with food, but it seemed like Patches was the exception for 3 years. But yesterday was such a mistake. We could have been doing so many things differently, like feeding them separate, but it was my mistake and Hank paid for it with his life. 

Hank was one of the best dogs I've ever known. He was loyal and intelligent, and most the time a huge dork. He didn't deserve to die, and Patches didn't deserve to lose an eye. 

Please learn from my mistake and his previous owner's mistake, don't try to keep dogs that are above your level of experience. Socialize your puppies, and don't just put them in a crate all day. 

Rest in Peace Hank





BIGKIRI - IMG_20160221_111318421.jpg

BIGKIRI - IMG_20160224_102846987.jpg

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I'm sorry for your loss. 

Maybe indeed things could have gone differently but it just happened. Sometimes animals (or even humans) can't get along with each other and then you have to make a tough choice where only one of them gets to stay with you. 

Did you consider putting up Hank for adoption, or do you think he was too old and aggressive for that? 

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Noooooo Hank :C 

Im really, really sorry to hear that. It seems a little unfair to put him down if he was a fairly healthy dog but I dont want to be a dick about your decision like most people would bitch about. It really is sad and I hope you learned a lesson from that particular experience. Maybe next time it wount happen >.>

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11 minutes ago, Snagged Cub said:

Did you consider putting up Hank for adoption, or do you think he was too old and aggressive for that? 

Hank was beginning to escalate his aggressiveness. He had started killing opossums and trying to attack the cat within the month, but we never thought he would ever bite Patches. She was like a mother dog to him. I have a theory that it was his hips paining him that led to his increased anger issues, but we had to wrestle him to the vet's office and I felt that was extremely stressful for him. In hindsight I should have sucked it up and got him in to see what the problem was. 

I think that an experienced dog trainer could have taken him and turned Hank into a well socialized dog, but this is the product of sticking a dog in a cage for 8+ hours and having domestic abuse in the home(and I honestly believe he was hit too). He was a good farm dog, stayed on the property without training and stayed by your side. He wasn't a bad dog.

I feel I couldn't rehome him to a home with no other animals humanely. He would have to be stuck inside or walk with a muzzle, which he refused to do (he'd stop walking and just stand there like a boulder. He was not food motivated so you were kinda stuck like that until he gave up). 

I feel I made the right decision for the situation I was in.

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Fleece, I'm really sorry to hear about hank. From when I met him he seemed really protective of you and like a nice dog. Remember the good times you had with him and I hope you're feeling better soon <3

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