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Samurai Jack


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26 minutes ago, Hewge said:

I managed to watch it recently, and I really enjoyed it. It's so rare show remakes stay so true to the original, yet alone doing an even better job.

Hopefully future episodes continue being so swell :u

The second episode made me tense as fuck.

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On this season so far:


These past three Samurai Jack episodes have been incredible. This is not only faithful to the original show, but a vast improvement and easily one of the best Western animated series there’s ever been.

It keeps that same simplicity, with only dialogue existing when necessary or when it fits the characters and otherwise being quiet and letting the visuals tell the story. It plays with colors just like the original show did, making it very pretty to look at and making interesting combat events. The snow in this latest episode allowing Jack to hide in the wilderness was great, and I think that that part with the deer, while humorous, was also important in showing how the antagonists don’t really know anything about the outside world. I think the only reason Jack was able to best them was because of this, as their lack of knowledge of how to hide themselves in the snow was ultimately their downfall.

I don’t think they’re all dead yet though.

Regardless, this season is intense. Jack’s inner struggles when it comes to the idea of killing (before ultimately accepting himself and his actions) as well as his pain in how long he’s been running is realistic and depressing, but appropriate considering how long he’s watched people suffer and failed at defeating Aku. The combat is really well animated and the fights, particularly in episode 2, made Jack, our hero, look like he might not be able to win. That he’s met his match against these powerful servants of Aku. The fact that Jack, a character who seems incredibly skilled as a samurai and is our main protagonist, has been made to look as if he might die due to these warriors takes incredible skill. I’m happy with these writers and super excited for the future episodes of this season.

EDIT: On another note, watching all this just makes me miss Sym-Bionic Titan more.

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