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Did the surname "Hitler" disappear or something?


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I think many changed their name to avoid the obviously bad association, so that their children wouldn't suffer from it.

There are still some people who have that surname though, and some Neo-Nazis change their family name to Hitler because they are twits.

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I saw this video a little while ago.

Saxon's probably right that people would go out of their way to change the surname Hitler, but in general surnames are naturally dying all the time, whether they be lost to marriage or their carriers simply die.

Today, only a fraction of surnames exist as opposed to once upon a time


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Huh, it would be a tough name to have. Maybe you could make it seem cuter, by using a 'fun' first name, like Holly Hitler or Harry Hitler for a boy, so it sounded friendlier.

Still, I'd not want the name...I have thought of changing my last name to my mother's (Italian) maiden name, as it's unusual, and sounds very nice.

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