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If They were Furries...


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As a companion to the Alt Sona game, let's have one for people who aren't furries (as far as we know!) One player names a famous person, the next player decides what kind of animal they'd be in the fandom and picks a new celeb for the next player.


player 1: Jesus Christ

player 2: A lamb, obviously. Jimmy Carter.

Are we cool? Great! Here's the first: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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2 minutes ago, Saxon said:

I think the Horse is the best representative of the Mongol empire.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Yes, that'd picture him best given what he is associated with but I think that personality wise, a wolf might suit him better

(skip me, do Saxon)

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It's almost too good not to rename him Harry Otter, and I think the species kind of suits him.

Darth Vader

9 hours ago, DrDingo said:


How'd he wrestle with those tiny little arms?


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