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2 hours ago, vexi fox said:

I am wandering how many people think of the Germanic tribe instead of the rock black clothes people?

Literally nobody. Sorry, mate
Stick with a phrase like 'Germanic Tribesperson' or 'Visigoth' if you don't wanna be endlessly frustrated

This is the furry fandom we're talking about, after all


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try naming all the versions of goths, i gave up at 14. i didn't even know goth was a thing until i did my cyber-goth rivet-head BS. i just thought it was a way to dress. then again....i knew how to sing "dope show" since i was 2...so that might explain a lot

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It's a term transformed over the ages, it happens.

Modern goth is meant to be a style, although I imagine it stems its root from somewhere, most people forget it isnt just one word.


Much like "anthropomorphic", most people think it means furry but it literally means "with human characteristics", rocks and trees can be anthropomorphic (literally this would mean a rock or tree looking like a face or body, in fantasy it may be a creature like a golem or treant).


Words transform over time, and you have to explain the roots or intention. Sometimes context also does help in knowing what meaning you are referring to.


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I do recall a website called, "Gothic Martha Stewart", that showed teens how to decorate their rooms in various Goth styles, that was pretty funny. That was ages ago, maybe late 1990s?

Edit: OK, still there: http://www.trystancraft.com/martha/

I certainly did love some of the Goth related bands coming out of the late 80s: Bauhaus, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, a lot of the stuff on 4AD at that time. But it has always been just one thing I listened to, and I was aware of it as a period in history and architectural period, before that.

Odd, I kind of thought Goth had faded away; I don't see much of that look anymore.

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