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Note to self: if you set something out to use, no matter how obvious it is that you are going to need it, be sure to also surround it with huge blinking road cones and signs saying "DO NOT TOUCH.  THING IN PROGRESS."  Because apparently, no one will EVER just turn around and ask you if you're using something before putting it away "for you". 

-be at work, making a bale.  everyone knows bales require a pallet.  set a pallet aside for the bale, start working on bale.  someone else comes in, sees me making the bale right next to the pallet, but instead of asking me if i'm using the pallet or, y'know, figuring that i'll be needing it, just stacks the pallet.  on top of this huge, tall stack of pallets where i will in no way be able to get it back down by myself.  THX M8

-be at home, put something in microwave.  set a fork on the counter nearby to use with the food.  leave the room for a minute while waiting for microwave, come back to find fork in the sink full of dirty dishes.  same thing frequently happens to glasses of water, which i specifically keep in my room to drink out of, but of course nothing is safe.

Is it really that hard to use context clues to figure that someone else is using a thing, or to see another person nearby and ASK if they're using the thing instead of just assuming it was left there for no reason? 


i know "people putting away things i'm using while i have my back turned" isn't a huge deal but it happens so damn frequently and it's like EVERYONE does it.  stahp.  just stahp.  i already have enough issues with being made to feel like i don't matter; this don't help.  >:^(

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I can, what is the opposite of sympathize?

No one puts stuff away in my house, so I always have to do it.

"I was going to use that."

No, you put it out 2 days ago. It's got a bunch of old food on it.

"I always clean up"

Fucking doomsday is not a good time to clean up. Do it before then.

So uh, while it can be annoying, it depends on the people I guess.

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if i'm actually using something and it's pretty well obvious that it's in use/going to be needed for THAT THING THAT'S GOING ON RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, yeah that's never not irritating.  it's very different if people leave old shit out for days at a time and it looks like trash and hasn't been touched and there's zero apparent use for it, as opposed to when someone is right there and the thing was just put out.  i deal with people leaving their shit in the breakroom and make judgment calls on "what not to throw out" every single day; it's not hard.

that said, yes, people who leave obvious trash laying around or refuse to clean anything until the last minute can also go to hell.

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