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Out of context conversations


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I've got a few of these.



It is a common meme to tone down negative traits of beloved characters. Draco in Leather Pants is the term.

True. I still would bang him, even though he acts like Patrick Bateman.

Hey, why not?





We want slightly sexy Munch back. (Pls no judge.)

We'd like the handsome gorilla, pls.





It's so weird without the wedge, man.

I kinda like it more than the ledge. It doesn't make his legs look extra short.

I dunno, it just looks weird to me. He's not quite on-model to my eyes.

I can see your point. I just think it looks better than midget wrinkle leg.





A human in a world of furries.

What a terrible fate.

Doomed from the very beginning.



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