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Attention Fellow Furriends ^.^


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Howlo, Fennecsed! We've been listening to usefur furdback and purrainstorming hard these pawst few meownths to rework the site in a way we feel better refurlects the usefurbase, and feels more welcoming to our core audience.

So we present to ewe our official rebranding as:


The furry fandom is a core element at our roots as a community, and we'd like to be more representative of it.

In order to celebrate, Lemon made us two new themes! In order to make sure we work out all the kinks (wink wonk) everyone can choose from those two from now on! Yaaay!

In addition, ewe may run into other little tweaks we've made so that ewe can feel more comfortable in expressing ewerself as a furry around the site. Keep an eye out.

Have a good first of April, everybody, and we hope ewe enjoy Fennecsed!

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3 minutes ago, Vae said:

eye think we need some meowsic to celepurrate


This is the new fennecsed furrumz national anfurm furriends! ^_^

Remember to memorize it :33

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When Fur went on this site and saw this Fur thought Fur accidentally stumbled onto a yiff site.

Then Fur thought Revates took over the Furrumz.

Then Fur thought about whether or not someone saw this and hoped not.

Now Fur'm just confused by the colors.

Fur thought Fur was gonna escape some weird April fools stuff this year but nah just fresh yiff now

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27 minutes ago, Zerig said:

(NSFW) can it be this instead

Fur already have it mostly memorized

This is the best national anfurm, thank ewe furriend ewe furry powers impress me!

9 minutes ago, GarthTheWereWolf said:

Fur was promised greater representation of blue canines if Fur voted for ewe. Fur see no increase in blue dogs with this site update. There's no increase in blue at owl! Only teal and pink and green.

ewe lied to me.

Fur will not furget this.

Nevfur evfur.

Fur'm sorry furriend! Fur will try better next time... fur will do better...

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hi there animal buddies. its me, garfield --- the cat! fur favourite lazy kitty who loves to goof.


just droppin in to say tell ewe guys, after having a near-death experience that ive met dog. he is a five foot three bald man who loves anime and collects old magazines with small dogs on their cover. 


apart from that its the same old, same old - still hate mondays an d love lasagna (Ha Ha)! 

may the lord bless fur soul and fur offspring be fertile,


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