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Flower power


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8 minutes ago, Revates said:

It's some great photography! Do you know what the flowers are!?

The top one is an ornamental cherry tree.

I think the second one might be a garden variety of pansy that has escaped? I'm not sure.

Third is a garden variety rhododendron.

Last image are the male cones of a garden variety of conifer (female cones are out of the frame). I'm not sure exactly what it is, other than that.

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Just now, GarthTheWereWolf said:

Oh I just thought we were posting pictures of pretty flowers. My bad


Sorry; this was meant to be like the autumn leaves and the snow thread, because the appeal is getting everybody out to do some photography, and seeing what it's like where each other live (and compiling sufficient visual imagery to track you guys down). I will update the opening post to make it clearer.

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Just now, grassfed said:

Our blueberries are starting to bloom, not fully there yet though.


Oh my god, I remember when I was in Newfoundland that there were blue berries growing everywhere. I ate hundreds each day.

Where are these ones growing?

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What a coincidence, I just happened to take photos of some flowers on campus the other day.

Unfortunately I'm not good with plants, and don't know the names of any of these. I'm also not the best photographer by any means. Anyways, here's my pics.

Some sort of yellow flowering vine on a tall wall:

Pretty white flowering tree by the Japanese garden:

I think these are irises. Not sure. There seem to be a lot of them on campus, in different colors like white, yellow, purple, etc.

My favorite- These beautiful pink trees are all over the place! This one's outside one of my classes.


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So it was a lovely day today. We just got some rain last night, so I decided to go for a drive around the back roads of my town. Saw quite a few wild flowers out. Not nearly as many as there will be come May, but was still pretty <:

I'm no photographer, but here's the pictures I took.


Silver Bush Lupines:



Blue Bells: (not very blue looking at the moment)



California Poppies:



California Morning Glories:






Bull Thistle:



A Rock Monkey Flower bush:



And as I got closer to the coast, some invasive Ice Plant Flowers:


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