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Reminder: The Report System


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Because we've had recent issues with this, this is your reminder to not abuse the report system. 

Please only use the reports system for content that actually breaks the rules or need other mod attention.
It is not for jokes, and it is not to air your personal grievances with how the site is run or to call out others.

If you'd like to bring up issues or concerns about the site's management, you can do so in a civil manner in the Site Discussion section:


Alternatively, you can use the April 2017 SOTU, where we have both encouraged users to tell us about their issues and opened up a Q+A session about our modding process:

We know that many of you like to play around with others, and we certainly don't want to ruin anyone's fun, but joke reports make it harder for mods to keep track of serious reports. If you'd like to make jokes, we have the Blackhole section for that. 

Additionally, please do not spam or clog up the reports system with multiple reports on the same issue. 
If you'd like to direct our attention to multiple posts in a thread, make mention that you'd like staff to look into the ongoing problem in the thread / user's post history / PMs / blog where it is taking place in your initial report. Otherwise, PMing staff is another way to direct our attention to an ongoing problem.

Abusing the reports system has, now and in the past, been an infractionable offense. We don't want to discourage people from reporting actual rule violations, but you in turn commit a rule violation when you spam and abuse that system.

Thank you, and happy posting

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