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new to the forum and to the fandom!

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hello, my name is lemon! (he/him)

i'm 22 and i just started looking into the furry community! hoorah! i'm really interested in clean furry artwork~

i do have a 'sona called lemon-lime! he's a red-eye tree frog... i'm slowly learning to draw him, haha. i'm new to drawing anthros, too.

i don't have any furry friends yet, so you could be my first! how exciting!

let's all treat each other well! :D

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2 hours ago, Chrysocyon said:

Welcome! I don't see frog 'sonas very often, that's pretty neat.

So what kind of interests or hobbies are you into?

from the short time i've been browsing the web i haven't seen many either! :'( oh well, i guess i'll have to be extra froggy to make up for it.

i like cartoons a whole heck of a lot! my fav is samurai jack~ i also like drawing and i'm trying to draw anthros recently... but it's a lot more challenging than the effort i usually put into doodles, haha.

2 hours ago, DrGravitas said:

Howdy there, welcome to Phoenixed! Hope you enjoy your time here

hello! thanks for the welcome!

2 hours ago, Revates said:

Hey Lemon, welcome to Phoenix. I've decided I'll tag both of you in any post that I need one of you to only further confusion.


ahaha hello! you can call me lemonlime to avoid some confusion if ya like.

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Hello and welcome! Nice to see new folks here. Welcome to Phoenixed!

A tree frog? Like the others have said, we don't get many froggies in the fandom. Or amphibians in general, for that matter. Neat!

I wish you the best of luck with your drawing endeavors! Drawing new subjects can be challenging, but fun.
We actually have an art section here, if you'd like to share your art there! Many of the users here (including myself) have our own little "sketchbook threads" that we post our art in. People tend to choose either "Palette Town" or "Tutorials and Critiques" to make their threads in. There's also a couple of threads in there somewhere for people to share their WIPs or latest art.

Anyways, hope to see you around! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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