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What are your all-time favourite games?


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This thread might be like choosing between children, because lots of us play a looot of games

But some games are special, and hold a special place in our hearts. Or at least, they're really fucking fun and you can't unstick your face from the screen. This thread is about those games, so share the love <3

My pick?


For me, the top spot has to be Team Fortress 2. It was the first Steam game I ever bought, and was my first true experience of online multiplayer. To this day, it's awesome fun both alone and with friends. Over the years my hours racked to more than 2000, and it was time well damn spent.


What about you folks? Which games are you in love with the most?

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Little Big Adventure 2! Maybe not the best game ever, but there is nothing more powerfully nostalgic for me. As a kid, it was one of the largest and most open games I ever played, I just kept thinking it would never end. I still love to play through it occasionally. Even the music gets the feelings flowing.

And most importantly it has anthropomorphic characters. :V

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Good ol' Ketsui. This is the greatest video game I have ever played and nothing will ever surpass it for me. I can't complain or negatively critique a single nuance about this game. From the genius scoring mechanics, perfectly balanced difficulty, beautiful music, excellent boss/enemy design, outstanding bullet patterns, the wonderful military themed art direction. Everything here is 100% perfect game design and is impossible to improve. Cave nailed it with this one and I staunchly hold it as their magnum opus. A sequel is not required.

49 minutes ago, Shiro said:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


This was the first game I ever played, and it is still my all time favorite to this day.

There are so many contrarians lately who have been trying to bring this game down and it's boggling my mind. There might be better Zelda games, but having replayed this recently, you know what? It hasn't aged too badly. I love the style of this game and Majora's Mask. Only thing I'd say is that the Hyrule Field is a bit empty and tedious to backtrack through, but it's very minor. I guess bow controls could have been a bit better, but I mean...look at the fucking controller this game was built around. Just look at this shit. That's the worst part about the game. lol Using that.

I loved the eerie atmosphere a lot of areas in this game had and we owe a lot to this game when it comes to modern 3rd person melee combat. And there's something about it's MIDI music that I found to be lost when they jumped to orchestra. Not sure what it was, but it had a charm to it that I'll personally take over "PRODUCKSHIN VALUE!!" I don't think it's fair how people say it's clinging to nostalgia when they say this one's their favorite. It's really stood the test of time.

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