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People sometimes say things they shouldn't, and sometimes it's really funny!

A nice simple game: the poster suggests a person, profession or general personality type. The next poster should suggest something that such a person would never say - or should never say! They then suggest another kind of person for the next poster, or just let the current topic ride if it's a good one. It's a bit like the 'Scenes We'd Like To See' game from 'Mock the Week' if you know it.

Player A: Things a Doctor wouldn't say.
Player B: "Don't worry about your operation. Worrying will only make it worse. In fact it will probably kill you." Next topic: things a Politician wouldn't say.

If you want to get creative with the topic (i.e. 'lines you wouldn't see in a Harry Potter novel') then feel free!

Let's let the topic ride for now. So! Tell me:
Things a Doctor wouldn't say

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