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    • Science, Tech, Journals, Commentary, &c.
    • Community related, Furries, animu, ponies, sci-fi, other communities that exist
    • Entertainment, books, movies, games, personalities, politics, ect.
    • Memes, Doge, topkek, Reddit stuff, cat pictures, current events, etc
    • Animals other than cats.
    • History, Philosophy, Art, Religion, Irreligion, Polandball, et.c
    • Facebook sucks
    • Facebook sucks and so do you
    • Checkbox/I'm gay

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I require distractions to mitigate despair stemming from my consciousness of actuality's failure to balance possibility, and the constant torment of a impotent, finite personage with an infinite existence. To this end, I use Facebook, which is all well and good, only there are few educational pages that focus on science, history, philosophy, &c. that aren't stupid, and those that aren't pleb have no kek. As Kleric eloquently articulates, "your Facebook is lame".

In the past I have had good fortune going to unqualified people for advice, and for any given subject the least qualified group of all is Furries. And since there is no reason you can't recommend favorite pages to each other as well, I'm putting this here. So:

What are some good, wholesome Facebook pages to follow?

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Facebook in 2017 lul

The place has become a massive billboard of mega corporations and an echo chamber that saps your confidence as you see only the picture perfect images of your "friends'" success, vain and boring pics and rants of your family relatives and truckloads of "invitation" messages to freemium games that wants you to become a whale spender just so that you don't have wait for another 12 hours for a single gem to appear, of which you will need 10000 to advance to next level where you need to grind for more... Guess what more gems

For reasons mentioned above, I deleted my account long ago 

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