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Good words; Bad words


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Words have power, and there's so very many to choose from.

However, not all words are equal.

Some are just better than others. Some are fun to say or sound eloquent, and some evoke an unsettling feeling or have an inherent grossness to them that makes them unpleasant.

So everyone, lets all post words you like, or words you don't like and expand our vocabularies together <; Feel free to add definitions/explanations to the word if you so choose.


I'll get us started with a word I like:



And a word I don't like:


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Words I like: Coagulate, discombobulate, chinchilla (I love goofy-sounding words).

Also "moist". Because people hate it, and it's fun to hiss out the "s".


(It also reminds me of cake. I like cake.)


Can't think of words I dislike at the moment, though.

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31 minutes ago, Faust said:

Also synergy.

Promote synergy-

...Quoting an old, dead meme just reminded me of words I dislike.
...If you can even call them words.

- Swag, swaggy, and any variation of swag
- Lawl, especially when said out loud
- Fleek
- Pretty much most new slang words because I'm an old, cranky fart at heart.

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23 hours ago, Caledonian said:

Dislike: superb. (Like seriously what's that b doing there)

Because it comes from the Latin Superbus, literally Above (super) Everything (bus), whereas super comes from simply above.

Etymologically, superb is an adjective while super is a generic prefix that has become a neologism meaning the same thing. you could say superman or superfood, but if you want a space in there it's superb man and superb food.

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