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Anyone Have Any Fursuit Maker Suggestions?


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I was looking around for possible makers to commission and I've seen a bunch of information on who is good to commission, who isn't, but much of the information I've seen here or elsewhere seems to either be a bit outdated or there happens to be a lack of information to some degree. Does anyone have any good experience with any makers or have any recommendations they could pass along?

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I had to cancel my own commission with them, but The Fuzz Factory is an absolute joy to work with and can make a wide variety of styles. Their suits have a lot of personality compared to some copypaste type makers imo. If you're into plush style suits, they also make those. As far as realistic goes I don't know unfortunately (never worked with them or been interested in one, but the ones I do know have waitlists a mile long). 

Twitter link/example: https://twitter.com/thefuzzfactory/status/908415242358611968


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