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Google is your friend


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I never understood why people asked questions on a forum instead of google it.



you do know what a forum is, right? A forum. You write discussion based questions, like "What is your impression of todays economy and where do you see the future of our country headed?" Not "What's one plus one?"


I mean if people dont already know the answer they will just end up googling it for you :| And you'll probably end up waiting longer for a proper response.



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2 hours ago, Jtrekkie said:

Eh, depends on the subject. I guess lots of people are just bored and lazy, but if you're like sometimes you pick up extra insight from forums, too.

Also, if you're super lazy, forums are citable resources.

Maybe I think I understand bored...but lazy? :| Im not sure how its less lazy to take the time to type it into a search engine instead and get your answer.


I think the extra insight is something that's distinctly helpful. Probably other people have separate references and alternate answers depending on the subject of it...


But still...

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I pretty much agree with what's been said, although occasionally I wonder if it's possible to rely on it too much. Sometimes if something comes up in an online conversation (i.e. in a chat room) that I'm unfamiliar with, I'll automatically try to google it rather than... y'know, making conversation about it. Makes sense if it's just an unfamiliar word or something, but a lot of the time it's something bigger.

Not sure where that falls on the spectrum.

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25 minutes ago, Feelwell said:

On a side note, I seriously thought this was going to be a rant about Google spying on you.


can't help but notice Chrome's URL auto completion makes me type more shit to get to the more "wrongthink" addresses

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17 hours ago, Nova said:

Sometimes people on forums are smarter than google.

Like search"why do I have headache?"

Most answers are like"YOU HAVE CANCER.

Thats why asking on forums is better.

Shit like this ^

Honestly it really depends on what you want to ask. Someone might want someone with some experience to give some insight to an issue they're having, be it with their car, their health, their relationships or their job. Google can be helpful for simple queries, but it's also full of ads and sometimes you want to discuss a question rather than just have it answered. Google also usually can't tailor a response specific to your needs. People on the forum usually know you to some extent and they can give you an answer based on their knowledge of what they know about you.

Use google if your question is basic. Like "Is blue raspberry a real fruit?" 
Use a forum if your question is more, "What can I do with blue raspberries?"

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I'd rather ask my dad to advice me how to tie a necktie than Google the same question and try to replicate the steps from the first result of wikihow. 

My dad can instruct me hand to hand, he knows how to instruct me in particular and I can fully focus on the necktie itself instead of both the instructions and the necktie

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There's skill involved in Googling. I provide technical support for some of the brightest people around, a few of whom are actual rocket scientists, and even they struggle with finding the right words to use in their searches.

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