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Where I've been and who I've been with (and pics)


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So I'd given a general detail about everything in my previous post re-announcing my comeback into the forum. So I decided I may as well show a bit of where I've been and with who. Included are a few different pics. A few are from FWA 2017. I need to mention to you that the dance off there was amazing. I'm convinced that some of those people actually have robot limbs capable of dancing that shouldn't be possible otherwise. Also is a pic of my boyfriends sona, Implying, and my sona together we got done as a water color by one of the artists at the dealer den. I also included a pic of my badge (just the picture form, it's laminated and attached to a lanyard back at my house). Lastly I've included some pics of me and my bf (spenser). That's pretty much what I've wanted to include for now. I really hope to go to more cons and get more pics (I really need to get more, I hardly got any tbh). Mostly though I just want to save up and get a fursuit.......U-235 must come to life (or be reanimated as a zombie, either works for me). I've got other pics, but I already felt this was pushing the limits of not to post too many pics. Oh and I got really lucky that one of the fursuiters let me actually wear their head and paws. I honestly can't remember her sona's name, but she and her boyfriend were both really cool people who I'm hoping to see back at FWA and future cons.








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And here I thought I wouldnt see you again! <strike> I thought you finally came to your senses and left the furry fandom for good</strike>


Im really glad to hear youve been well off since your hiatus, those are wonderful pics and Im glad youve had fun

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