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Is it worth the pursuit?


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Hello furry friends,


So without going into way too much detail I've been considering for quite a while to begin writing stories for either a small commission or honestly free. But before I go through the hoops of setting up an online presence (or at least the pages for it) I need to know if there is even an audience to cater to.

I feel I've developed my own writing style now (though it's always changing with experience and age) after ten years of practice. I've written a novel (in draft three), articles for an established magazine in the southeast, various stories and long series I've posted online before which I've received almost all positive feedback on, and I've begun a book that is furry based (though I'm still developing it so it's up in the air). My style tend's to lean towards the darker side with a bittersweet ending. I take a lot of elements from authors like Bradbury, Camus, Faulkner, and Dostoevsky.

So for those who have experience writing in this community or seeing more of the writing aspect than I have, is there an audience out there? I know it's not a quick and easy set up, it'll take time, and persistence is key. But I feel we're already a niche community, so am I pulling at straws with this one? Any and all suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks everyfur! I appreciate it.

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Hey everyone,

So I realized that before I ask for advice on if I should begin commissions for a story or not, that perhaps I should at least show a sample of my work. This is a very short story (well not even a story really, more of a part of a story). It's under 500 words, and something I wrote in about 25 minutes. Let me know what you think of it and if you enjoyed it or not. Thanks everyone!


Title: "Winters Arrival"

I watched the clouds roll in from the northside of the valley. Their low rolling waves made it clear they would bring snow with them. It would be another harsh winter. As the cool breeze enveloped me the noise of the door drew my attention.

I turned around to see him standing just past the edge of the door frame. His dark blue uniform jacket, golden epilates, and grey cavalry pants were graced by the soft moonlight. The cicadas and distant winds created a soundscape I’d always thought of as the sound of departure.

He stepped off the porch and walked towards me, his boots creating a distinctive crunch against the gravel path leading to our house. His clay brown eyes and thick black fur shone as he came out from the shadow of our Crete myrtles. He lifted his paw up so that his fingers could glide across my cheek. I let myself fall forward and his arms envelop me as I wrapped my arms around him one last time.

“When will you be beck?”

I could hear his tail move against the ground in a slight twitch. He was nervous. I held him closer, knowing that neither of us knew the answer, but hoping against all odds it’d be soon.

“Will you write me?”

“Whenever I can, I swear I’ll send you a letter,” came his quiet but gravelly voice.

I took in his scent once more. The earthen and smoke laden notes mixed with the cold of the night. It felt familiar.

We were both startled out of our world when we heard the front gate open. He looked up as I turned around. The general walked through the gate. His antlers cast shadows that danced upon grass and leaves.

“It’s time Jonathan,” the general stated.

I turned back to give Johnathan one last kiss and pulled away. I considered his eyes, and for the first time in a long time I saw a sense of uneasiness. It sent a shiver through me, but I quelled it for now.

“Goodbye Michael, I’ll be home soon,” Jonathan spoke softly into my ear.

I pulled away and turned to watch him walk out to the general. They shook hands briefly before heading out past the front gate. Jonathan turned around one last time. I saw the half smile. It was the best he could offer now. I took a deep breath, holding back the emotions I’d bottled up until now. I let my ears fall against my head and my gaze sink to the ground. I returned inside to wait out winter’s cold, and pray that he’d come home.  

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@U-235 That was rather pretty. I appreciated the attention to sensory detail. I'd offer further critique, as I do think there are things you could tighten up here and there, but I'm not really in the right headspace for that at this exact moment.

Maybe this is a bit late, but I say go for it. Do be ready to edit yourself without mercy after you give each piece some distance, though.

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