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ISPs suck


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5 static IP's? Deadly, sign me up!

Oh, they have to be registered to a MAC and assigned their address via DHCP? Fuck, that might be a pain in the ass....

At least their gateway offers a bridge to port 1. Decent.

Picked up an EdgeRouter to handle pseudo-ethernet interfaces and I fucking love that router, what a sweet piece of equipment.

Bridged through to the EdgeRouter, created peth interfaces to handle the 'static' addresses, and fuck me if I can route traffic through them. Each has its own IP as assigned by the bullshit MAC I made up, but trying to direct traffic to my VMs is a fucking nightmare. All the IPs assigned to the pethX interfaces are talking to the same router for the next hop address, so PBR is out of the question AFAIK, and 1:1 NATing is doing fuck all, it just wants to pick a specific interface to route traffic through, saying fuck you to translating a public IP to the LAN destination I want it to go to.

I never really read up on networking, and it goes right over my head so fast. I just don't get why it's hard to make a public IP address relate to a private one/range after the bullshit gimmicks my ISP is shoving down my throat. It'd be a fuck of a lot easier if they were genuine static IP addresses, but the shit they're doing must work out somehow, they couldn't offer it otherwise, and I'm sure I'm lost somewhere in the mix. I have no idea what I'm doing, and Google isn't helping. :P

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