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Idea: Thread Blacklisting


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In recent times, I have ran into threads that I would rather not see (and to not get involved in). While I was able to follow and unfollow threads without much of an issue, it does not prevent me from seeing activity in those undesirable threads in the "All Activity" section. The 'logical' approach to this would be to just scroll past it and pretend that it doesn't exist, but when a bold, blue thread name appears, it becomes hard to ignore. If they were to be put into place (or not), these are the questions I would have for how it would be implemented:

  • If a user has decided to blacklist a thread that they had interacted in, and is responded to, how should the notifications react? Should the user get a notification, or not at all?
  • If a user has been mentioned within a blacklisted thread, should only the mentioned post be viewed to the user or not at all?
  • Should posts in blacklisted threads be viewed through the "Posts" section?
  • Should the thread names be allowed to be viewed in the subforums in which they are in?
  • Where does the user go to know that a thread is blacklisted? How do they blacklist a thread?
  • What if a user tries to blacklist a pinned thread? Can a pinned thread be blacklisted?


  •  Should it be the user's responsibility to not get involved in undesirable threads?
  •  What should the user do to avoid such threads? Is the resolution realistic?
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Don't know if this is doable on the tech side of things (Keep in mind that we're running on pre-made and pre-coded software), but I'm also not knowledgeable on the tech aspects of Invision.

Here's a workaround in the mean time, if you want to go out of your way for it:

1. Follow all the threads you're actually interested in seeing content from.

2. Go to the Activity tab.
  - "My Activity Streams"
    - "Create New Stream"

3. Select this:

It takes extra effort, but if you're really committed to not seeing threads you don't like, it is doable.
You can also fine-tune the stream for only showing content from certain keywords, new content entirely, or from certain sections of the site.

I'm also leaning on the the first of the last two points.
If you can't control yourself, or if you're getting too emotionally-invested, it's entirely your own responsibility to avoid a thread or a subject that provokes that response.
If you can't, you should probably avoid the forum entirely. Or the internet, for that matter. There's always gonna be shit on it that you don't like.

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