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Why I am miss anthro pics and why I ate huns


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Me Tosh. Me miss anthro pics. Me took plenty pics of animal men with nice goods and strong male organs. Me put anthro pics under favorite stone to protect anthro pics from other Tosh. Me go back to get anthro pics but anthro pics no there. Me miss anthro pics. 


Me also hate huns. Me eat huns. Now me full.

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Me went to other Tosh and said he need give back anthro pics. Other tosh threw pics at me face. He said me anthro pics are ape doo doo.


Me confused cause me anthro pics are of antho men with nice male organs and not ape poo poo. Tosh confused. Tosh ate anthro pics too and pooped out huns. They smell like Tosh poopoo now.

No fetish.

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