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How did you come up with your sona?


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So, I've been struggling to pick a singular fursona pretty much since I joined the fandom around 2001. I'm curious to know how people both came up with their fursona, and if there's any significance behind it. 

Here's a good article I came across regarding species choice in the furry fandom as well with a lot of entertaining ideas. What's interesting to me as a biology student is that the more I learn about various critters, the less certain I am in regards to species. I think part of that is because the generic, romanticized notions of some animals stop making sense in wildlife biology. Ex "lions are family animals" when lions regularly commit infanticide. I think that's a lot of me being overly analytical tbh too. 

It's a little bit silly but finding a concrete "identity" to represent myself with within the fandom is quite appealing, especially after a lot of failed attempts. 


Anyways! What's your sona, fellow weirdos? 

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Mine are usually random thoughts mixed with things I like that compliment the character and make them stand out a bit from the rest. It helps to have some kind of theme around them though, like nerd, magician, pirate, etc. Sometimes simple is good, as I find too much detail can make the design bloated.

This one plays off of my nerdy side, because I'm a nerdy programmer. :B

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Going off some random ideas I tried my hand at designing a sona so here's some shitty doodles, thanks thread. I ended up going with something I've not considered before so - crossing fingers! They're a squirrel monkey named Nak. 


It starts out with a yell 



And ends with a reference sheet?? I guess??

Also ngl doodling squirrel monkeys when I should be writing essays is actually a good choice.

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I like just liked roleplaying this character on the internet for a bit, and then found out I liked using him as my general avatar.
And then I just kind of never stopped.

I used to have a more "original" self-made fursona, back when I felt that was a designated hole that needed filling, but I never used her as my "face" because I just didn't feel like it.
So Ludwig it is.
Always Ludwig.

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At first, I just chose an animal that could be found in my state and combined it with what I fancy myself as being on occasion, lucky and a critic. After a while however, I began to develop him a little more, until Lucky simply took on a life of his own.

Of course, most would assume that I chose a Great Horned Owl because owls in general are viewed as being smart and wise, when in truth they are rather vicious and... not too bright, to put it lightly. Those two things helped me realize later on why I let this mask of mine grow so dear: Vicious, in that critics are often seen as nothing more than naysayers and self righteous pricks that loves nothing more than to tear people down, and their dimness as a reference to how people I know keep telling me "you're smart, you're smart" when I know that I am not as bright as they say.

There is more to my character, but I will stop myself now while there is still a chance anyone will read this.

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I was originally gonna be just human, because even though a lot of choices seemed cool and fun, I didn't really feel like I had any desire to pretend to be any of them.

Then I learned about sergals and when I saw the concept drawings I fell in love. I had that "I legitimately wish I could be one of these" moment and with that I knew it made sense to have a sergal 'sona.

I began using her to express my feelings in drawings. Now I use her to live out the fantasy of having the body I will never have because I can make her whatever I want her to be. 

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Honestly, I have like... Two main fursonas? I think people are multifaceted and it's not uncommon to express yourself differently with different characters instead of sticking to just one, especially when you're still trying to figure yourself out?

I started as a reptile and while I still love them now I'm mainly a dog and a cat that looks like an 80s werewolf and acts like a dog, haha. Honestly, it was mostly picking species that I liked both aesthetically and what I thought would fit me personality wise as well. I don't think I'm particularly that interesting because they both are a mix of tropes I like and their color schemes are mostly pretty natural.

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Mine is from when I was active in the Creatures community - I stumbled across a norn who'd been put up for adoption as a result of a wolfling run. It counts as an alien, I guess? Only the game's two decades old, now, so few know of it. Shades of the Noops from The Dreamstone as well.

Before then I had a few drawings of a scaly - a Slithzerkai from Exile (later revised to Avernum) - but that character never went beyond that.

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I've had several sonas throughout my life, as I've always been enthralled with the idea of an anthropomorphic animal, and representing myself as one. 


My "first" sona was a schnauzer dog- likely because I grew up with schnauzers. My second was a raccoon because I played in a video game as a raccoon. My third was a bear, because I became obsessed with anthro bears after reading the Seekers books. My fourth was a wolf, because.. wolves. My fifth was a dog, because dogs. My sixth was a cat, because I fell in love with warrior cats, and had a really cute design. Now my first "official" sona (the one I got after officially joining the fandom) is a wolf. I like wolves, especially anthro ones. Therefore, I am a wolf.


Honestly, people put too much thought into what species they want. Just pick whatever speaks to you :3

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