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X4: Foundations


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I'm probably the only person here who actually gives a shit about X but here goes.

After X3: Albion Prelude (after X3: Terran Conflict), Egosoft put out "X: Rebirth" which tried to take the game in a new direction.

It... didn't go well.

For me the simple fact you were stuck in one ship was a deal breaker, after having been spoiled in X2 and X3 with piloting a carrier at the head of a full battle fleet. Seems it was a good decision since few people have had anything good to say about the rest of the game.

Some refer to it as "X: Stillbirth".


Clearly X:R was enough of a failure that Egosoft seems to be returning to their old formula with the newly-announced X4: Foundations:


It's definitely piqued my interest, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet; Egosoft are infamous for rocky launches and it takes several months (or even a couple re-releases, in the case of X3 -- X3: Reunion, although not terrible, was just X2 with prettier graphics, and it didn't really stand out until it was upgraded and rereleased as X3:TC) to get things to a polished state.

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Stupid and unrealistic feature wishlist:

  • The return of custom player logos so I can plaster dumb memes all over my warships
  • The return of tractor beams, without usage restrictions (in previous iterations you could only tow objects you owned) so I can smack shit with asteroids
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