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Megan 11 (and Megan X Collection)

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I remember at the start of my 7th grade English class, we were supposed to talk about things we liked in an introduction assignment. And my teacher was retarded. I said Mega Man was one of my favorite things and she thought I was talking about gay porn so she sent me to the guidance counselor.

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"Megaman can't charge and slide"

Best BTFO of them all easily.

I'm excited. The new game looks promising with fast-paced platforming and with an X collection coming I'll finally be able to play ones besides X4 and X5.  Plus X7 in HD :^)

On another note, the block dropping ability seems like it could be fun and VERY useful.

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Couple things:
4 difficulties. Normal (obviously) and the returning Super Hero mode from the MM9 DLC are confirmed.
The director is Koji Oda if Impact's pictures didn't ring any bells, known for Resident Evil Biohazard.
When this game releases, Mega Man 9 will be ten years old.

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