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Rave: Proud of myself

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So today we had a Christmas party in our school and there were different stations were you could do different things.

So you could also sing karaoke and alot of students sang, on a stage kinda, the room was pretty filled.

Well i sang too, i was like" I don't want to be introverted so much and want to be free".

So i went onto the stage and sang jump up Superstar from super mario Odyssee.

Everyone clapped and cheered on me, i didn't sang well but it felt really good. :)

That confidence but felt amazing.

I am thinking about training my voice.

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Congrats. I've always played with the notion of doing stuff like that at gatherings, singing or dancing, but unless I'm fed a ton of alcohol, I always back out.

Just don't have the confidence or whatever.

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