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Monster Hunter World

QT Melon

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Anyone playing? I got it recently so I am a n00b. Looking to add ppl for co op.


I am enjoying it so far, I have been going on expeditions to get a feel for the weapons.


I think the controls are more convoluted than Horizon Zero Dawn but the environment and monsters are fun. I get irritated tho that the in game colors look bizarre compared to my avatar in character creator. Oh well such is the way for great if Ebony skinned ladies



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It’s an alright game, got it just the other week. Love using the insect glaive, but the time spent getting the buffs and staying ontop of sharpening (& chasing a running dino after getting fully buffed, urg) can get a tad annoying. Might just need to switch up weapons, but really adore the air time with it and would hate to give it up just ‘cause of a few downfalls. 


Your character looks badass btw QT! Have you decided on which weapon you’re leaning towards yet, or are ya still having a tough time picking?

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I'm leveling up an Archer, guess that's fitting since that's my main in FFXIV too. I am also looking into using bagpipes for co op, and one of the switch blades. I like the Katana as well.


I haven't gotten too far in the game cuz I went on excursions to get more familiar with my move set, so feel I'm getting a lot better using the bow. Looking for some beginner armor sets to help with my bow, but I need to finish my quests lol only on the 3rd Special Request one.

Is there an Autolock? L3? I seem to evade a lot of times and get a charge, but I'm facing all kinds of wrong ways so I can't make the shot.


Thanks for the compliments on my character. Made the face look well enough that she can even look QT while bald so I guess there's that.


The only other small thing is sometimes I hate the exaggerated animations on our characters, but it's no that huge of a deal. Just thought it was weird seeing my character swing her hips while the Handler is barely doing the same kind of movement.


Speaking of the Handler,.....she's an awful cook. Ask for veggie platter and get chicken .....wtf.


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Yeah you get the same animation whatever you order at the canteen.

What always amuses me is the way the meowscular chef does as little as possible, right up until you get the highest canteen tier and then he does everything while the rest of the staff just cheer him on :D

Currently farming Todo Kadachi for electric bits to upgrade my favourite gun lance. Personally I find that most of the weapons have something to recommend them, with the possible exception of the ordinary sword and shield, and the twin daggers, both of which are only really useful against small monsters. The Insect Glaive is probably the best all-rounder since it's not only a combination melee and ranged weapon, but also comes with a flying buddy assist, a number of buffs and that awesome leaping attack that lets you rodeo any monster, anywhere - best combined with the gliding mantle.

Oh yeah, and look out for the Pseudocanth lineage of kinsect, its wing dust can be poked with the tip of the glaive to create a massive detonation that frequently staggers monsters when it hits in the head and can occasionally cause 100+ damage on a critical!

Personally my favourite weapons are the switch axe and the charge blade, but I keep a few insect glaives for expeditions when I don't know what I'll find, a selection of gun lances for defensive fights, a few long swords for faster critters, a water-aspected great sword for Zorah Magdaros, an ice-aspected hammer for Diablos and I'm slowly collecting a number of dragon bone and dark steel weapons with elder seal capabilities since I'm up against a trio of elder dragons at the moment.

- F

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Don't have PS4 though I'm a veteran Monster Hunter Player. HR 330+ In MHgen and Grank 3 in MH4U

Few things I want to touch on is how people reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally loves trying out insect glaives. 

To these players: please guys, glaives is not a noob-friendly weapon, don't go around online multiplayer and spam aerial attacks and for the love of God please maintain red extract

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