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The Knight of Flower, Dakini

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The Knight of Flower, Dakini is a Japanese furry webmanga created by the award winning mangaka Sho Shibamoto (Pandemonium: Wizard Village, Tsunousagi) about an aspiring artist losing his will to draw whose life is changed after he meets a warrior who is willing to fight after the town he lives in is attacked by ferocious supposedly indestructible monsters known as Sky Golems. The story is supposed to continue what was set up in his previous works and finally end the tale of the Sky Golems. To describe it from the mangaka himself:


The main characters are Eiden, an aspiring painter who got caught up in the great destruction caused by the Sky Golems and can't paint anymore because of the shock and Dakini, a mute warrior with mysterious fighting abilities on a mission to defeat the golems. While traveling together to challenge the menace that threatens their world, they face their traumas and their past while pursuing their mission and hopes.  Through this work and its two heroes, I would like to depict the following themes: a bond that's a little different than being lovers or friends, mission and choice, the richness and threats coming from imagination. Flower Knight Dakini" can be enjoyed as a stand-alone manga, but it's linked to my past works "Tsunousagi" and in particular "Pandemonium - Wizard Village".

Now you might be thinking "But Battlechili, its not in English. Even if I was interested, I can't read it!"

Well, as a matter of fact, Recently, Sho just launched a Kickstarter to have Dakini translated into English! This will be the first manga of his since Pandemonium to be translated into English if successful. 


I thought this manga looked gorgeous personally and I was thinking maybe, just maybe some others here might find it interesting, so I thought I'd share. Pandemonium was a wonderful if tragic story, and this looks to be more of that, so I'm excited. What do you all think? I've seen some people don't personally care for the art. 

Just to give you a taste, here's an example of some art and content in his manga taken from his Kickstarter:



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